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tv   ABC2 News at 530PM  ABC  August 12, 2011 5:30pm-6:00pm EDT

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and i called my dad immediately. i put my dogs outside. went to my sisters on the other side of the house. then we stood there and called 9-1-1 and all that stuff. it was just bad. >> you're a great big sister and great neighbor as well. the fire department went into 7 adjacent homes and determined basically they had an active gas leak in them. you have gone back into your home. it doesn't smell so good? >> no, it smells like rotten eggs like you're at a gas station. it is pretty bad. >> so what the fire department said there is an attive in gas alerting folks that if you smell this to get out of the home, but it is not harmful. you can go back into your home now. thank you so much for joining us. >> you're welcome. >> what they are smelling out here is just an adtive. it is placed into gas to alert people to get out, but it is
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not harmful. they have gone into those eight homes to make sure there is no gas present. they have been given the all- clear. they can go back into their homes tonight. back to you. >> thank you. now for those of you who were offend by the images on airport scanners, you may have a better alternative now. he went to see new technology. >> reporter: some airport travelers complain about electronic imaging when they pass through security saying it shows more than should be allowed. they felt naked in front of tsa employees. now they are responding to those complaints. >> the tsa installed new software programs that don't show the true to life image but a human figure. the image is readily seen. this system is easier for the
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passengers to understand. >> they see this stick figure. it is okay or it isn't. if it isn't they quickly can help. maybe your car keys. >> they have ten in place with more to come. the old system had a screener in the separate room. this new system is $2.7 million to put into place but it may save money. >> because we no longer have to a sign an officer to a remote room. we no longer have to construct and maintain those rooms so we expect to be seeing cost savings in the long run. >> now that the new screening software is going into place, the most in true siv is the pat down. even that doesn't bother everyone. >> i mean i guess it is the best for everybody. >> i think -- i tell my friends all the time, i would rather be
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pat down than blown up. >> they will have 240 more screeners at other airports up and running by the end of this fall. the tsa says the goal is to get the new screener at all u.s. major airports. well baltimore washington airport hopes to make the waitk at the airport a bit more enjoyable. they have a $10 million design for passengers to eat and shop while waiting for their next flight. >> well if you're looking for something to do this weekend, why not head down to a hidden gem on the eastern shore. he has his forecast from beautiful saint michaels on a beautiful day like today. >> it really is beautiful. just a few days ago, hot and steamy here, but beautiful
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breeze off the bay right now, the sunshine out, not a cloud in the sky, lots of kids out here sailing and doing their thing. you may see tents in the distance. the waterman association festival coming here on sunday and for just $12 more than your normal admission down here, you get to experience crabs, live entertainment, you name it, it will be a huge weekend down here on sunday. >> let's talk a little about your forecast. it will be beautiful. skies stay clear. temperatures will fall through the 80s and down into the 70s overnight so again a great evening. the weather looking good for saturday. a little dice seer on sunday. we'll talk about that coming up. this is the waterman wharf. we'll have much more coming up. in democratic 201 2news.
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sarah palin is there. she has yet to announce plans to run for president, although speculation continues to mount. she said she will decide by the end of the summer let she will get into the rather crowded republican race. the iowa straw poll shows how they are performing in that state. that will kick off the 2012 campaign for president. ta hayman bradley tells us a few went on the attack. >> reporter: tomorrow in iowa an important test for the people seeking the nomination for president, the iowa straw poll offers a glimpse of how the candidates are performing in the state that kicks off the 2012 election. in advance of the vote, a few candidates went on the attack. >> in congress her record of accomplishment and results is nonexist sent. >> that sounds a lot more like barack obama if you ask me. >> a heated exchange of words
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between tim pawlenty and congresswoman michele bachmann at thursday's fox news debate. one has caused quite a stir. >> as president would you be sub miss siv to your husband? >> what submission means to us, it means respect. i respect my husband. >> the bachmann campaigns that question didn't bother her and one of the most famous women in politics was asked if it was fair. >> was the nature of the beast of politics. do you agree? >> with her answer? >> yes. >> that is her opinion. to her submission to her husband means respecting her husband i respect my husband too. >> sarah palin hasn't announced she is running but she sucked the oxygen out of the iowa state fair when she showed up. >> the front-runner mitt romney is skipping the straw poll.
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he is about to face a big challenge from rick perry who will throw his hat in the race tomorrow. well when police patrol the streets tonight, they are ready to see almost anything, well nearly anything. a bull running down the streets had them help bring this rodeo to a close. >> when you do it all that back to school shopping it helps to be a little tech savvy. how your smart phone can save you cash at the register. @póo
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well playing golf is hard enough and some never get the hole in one in their entire life, but one 8-year-old had a shot on camera. >> hole in one. >> yes! [ laughter ] >> holy cow! [ laughter ] >> you got a hole en win. >> [ laughter ] >> it is really good to have this. tyler made sure that the video was still rolling when they walked up to the hole and he is also probably not superstitch shus anymore. it happened on the 13th hole.
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>> police in washington state chasing a criminal. >> there is a bull. might want to run. it is coming this way, partner. run! >> [ laughter ] >> okay. yes, that is a bull running down the street of auburn, washington but despite the best efforts of the police to get the bull by the horns with their squad car it just wasn't working >> we have had wildlife in the city, but i don't remember a bull being downtown. we were concerned for the bull and we were concerned for citizens' safety. >> eventually the bull's owners had to call in the cowboys who joined the officers in their car and tried to lassos rascal. eventually the cowboys, cowboys always come to the rescue. they were able to get the bull under control and grab him by the horns. well, when people think
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about getting away, one place nat has become its own jewel is right off route 50. >> ones they come to saint michaels they are hooked. they love it. >> we'll introduce you to a popular chef who has changed his style to meet the lifestyle of saint michaels. >> who do you love when it comes down to care rio ky? >> we'll have choices for you coming up.
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what do taylor swift, carrie underwood have in common? they all started with karaoke. the karaoke battle u.s.a. 2. they will battle it out to beat the competition. why she will not be one of
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them. >> ♪ >> whether you're turning back time, ♪ >> or pouring your heart out, karaoke can make you feel like a star, at least for a song or two. >> ♪ >> now some of the nation's most talented song birds will step on stage hoping to win the battle u.s.a.. the host says the con test will fill a common fantasy. >> it is a source to get away from everyday life. you don't have to be the greatest singer. >> whether you're in the shower or the car or even your family christmas party, no one is immune to the temptations of karaoke. >> this is one performance that is not going to urge me any r-e- s-p-e-c-t. . >> it ain't easy getting respect from the judges either. jolie vi, 2009 karaoke champ
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and the so-called pitch mama carney wilson. the show's contestantings come from all walks of life. by day a single mom. but on stage, she traction forms into a sultry r and b goddess. she and dozens of others will belt it out to be the king and queen of karaoke. >> they get a recording contract and they represent the u.s.a.. >> ♪ >> well, it is safe to say there is at least one karaoke fan that won't make it passed the living room. ♪ just awful. >> [ laughter ] >> don't forget you can see the premiere right here on abc 2 tonight. the night starts with 8 with shark tank. then the 2 hours, 2 hours of that premiere of karaoke battle u.s.a. followed by abc2news at 1
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10:00. all right. i'm joining you live from saint michaels, maryland. one of the crown jewels of the chesapeake bay and so many things to do and see here at the museum but when you come to saint michaels, something you have to do is get some of the delicious food in the area and we found one spot that is plenty interesting. take a look. >> for those who live in st. michaels or just come for a visit, what draws them is the beauty of the small waterfront town and the relaxation they feel just turning off route 50. >> once people come here, they are hooked. they love it because it lowers their blood pressure by 50 points. they have to love it. >> chad scott should know. he came to the area years ago and opened a restaurant in
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nearby easton. it was a success but scott left and opened more high-end restaurants first in atlanta and they kept calling, so did an unlikely but familiar name. >> i missed this area ever since i came back and probably all ready knew what this area needed. this is what i wanted to do in saint michaels ten years ago. so scott returned and opened it in the heart of the saint michaels but unlike his culinary institute of america training and five star restaurants of the past, this one has a much more laid back feel. saint michaels doesn't need a high-end restaurant. they need a casual night restaurant and we wanted to fill a niche for saint michaels which was not all seafood. >> so it is sandwiches at lunch and simple three course meals in the evenings and the chef
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says he is always listening to the community. >> people give you their opinion whether you want it or not on a daily basis because it is a small town. they tell us the five things they love and then the five things they don't love so much. >> so check out big pickle food bar where you're sure to find pickles on the menu and also a crab cake sandwich. after all, you are on the eastern shore. now we're back live on the eastern shore and talking about the big pickle. the owner decided to show up. took a little boat here. see the mast? that is the yes yacht. yes, jack is down with ed and scott. they are having a good time and enjoying saint michaels themselves. we want to bring in tracy munson. talking about celebrities, i see deadliest catch.
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we have edgar hanson coming in, big captain. >> he is one of the crewman and we're so excited that he will be here on sunday for the talbot county waterman's association appreciation day. he will be at the waterman aero deyo. he is used to those king crab but he will learn the land of the blue crab. >> yes. he will be here all day on sunday. we have plenty of room for lots of vist stores. he will give out the awards and saying something to everyone and be on one of the boats force docking done test. >> it includes food and everything else and $25 to get income paired to 12 normally. >> it is 13 for adults. go to the website and we have a crab feast. we have bird dog who can get
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everybody dancing and we will have more trucks here than any other time of the year. >> thank you. it will be a big weekend down here. we'll through through these. tonight we'll see temperatures dropping into the 70s. skies clear tomorrow. clouds increase some, but dry during the day. great day to come down even though the festival isn't until sunday. a chance for showers late, late tomorrow night like overnight. a chance for hit-or-miss showers. there will be a chance for showers sunday, but rain or shine it will be a great time down here in st. michaels. we'll head back to the studio now. >> thanks a lot. having a good time down there. did you have one of those crab cake sandwiches? >> we'll find out later. >> all new at 6:00, for months they have seen their power go off and on. now they will have a chance to see what bge is doing for reliability in their neighborhood. >> if you want to make your home energy efficient and keep
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that one room from getting way too hot, an inexpensive way to do just that. the benefits of window film. those and more at 6:00. a preview of what is ahead at 6:30 on world news. >> coming up, she was fearless, spirited and heroic in saving hundreds of lives inspiring a hollywood film. meet her, our person of the week. !
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seeing red after a judge ruled he can't stop others from selling red souled shoes. the red souls are an
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international hit and a hit for many celebrities. he filed a lawsuit to stop them from selling shoes with red souls. they say they violated his trademark. the judge said they claimed to the color red is overly broad. his attorney will appeal that decision. the back to school shopping season is in full swing. maybe you can buy some of those red souled shoes. parents are looking for discounts on school supplies, clothes and much, much more. great deals can be waiting in your purse or pocket. here are tips for smart phone savvy shoppers. >> reporter: heading back to school means heading to the mall. with the economy still a little wobbly, parents and teens will keep spending in check. the best discounts and coupons probably won't require clipping but clicking and friending on the go. >> you can probably find your favorite retailer and get good
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scoop on what they are planning for back to school. you might be able to find coupons or other types of promotions. >> a back to school survey found 61% of shoppers with web enabled smart phones will look up prices to comparison shop. others will have discounts and 1/3 will tap into facebook and twitter. most will look for deals others to broward products and others to read product reviews. their facebook store which lets users share what is in their shopping bag with friends. you can upload their style photos for a chance to win prizes and nor those headed back to campus, targets runs through august 31st with daily deals on dorm items like mini fridges and few tons.
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>> don't forget you can shop next week tax free here. it is the shop maryland initiative to allow you to buy clothes and foods tax free as long as it is $100 are less. it starts on sunday and runs through next saturday. and looking for the most fun affordable city in the united states. you don't have to look far. we'll tell you where it is when abc2news 6:00 starts. >> probably the best way is not to use the card. use cash. >> patrons of a restaurant fall victim to their waiter after he used their credit card information. >> a frederick woman disappears and they think her traveling companion may be to blame. they hope he won't be released to go home on


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